Walnut Presentation Strategy™

Getting a squirrel to focus on presentations: Don’t just inform, transform your audience

walnutThe purpose of this workshop is to understand and apply the elements necessary to create and deliver an engaging slide presentation. The ability to communicate data is a specialized communication skill.  The communication strategy for using data is not just about deciding what content needs to be transferred. More importantly, it is about deciding what strategy will allow the audience to understand, remember, and have the ability to apply the information.

In this course, we will focus not just on delivery but also on how to use strategic communication to develop messages, so they are memorable and useful (not just a “data dump”). We will guide participants through the practice of proven communication strategies, how to effectively use storytelling and adult learning principles.

Through hands-on experiences in this course, each participant will determine the best way to create and deliver the message and effectively communicate ideas. Each participant will present and receive feedback and critique.

Walnut Presentation Strategy™ Objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Distinguish the key elements of what makes successful vs. unsuccessful messages
  • Understand the importance of and develop the skills needed to chunk information, determine a governing message and ensure that the message is relevant to the specific audience
  • Compare and contrast the persuasive vs. narrative structures of speeches, so that even in short timeframes the key points of the governing message are delivered
  • Understand and practice techniques to help bridge what the learner already knows to the new information being received so storytelling is more effective

Course Details

  • Classes meet twice in one week for 90 minutes each
  • Maximum class size: 10 participants