Acorn Communication Strategy™

Getting a squirrel to focus: engage and persuade today’s listeners

AcornMore effective and efficient communication leads to better sales calls and peer interaction. Communication is the cornerstone of effective leadership. If you cannot get your message across clearly and concisely, it is difficult to lead others and impact decision-making.

Participants in this course will learn how to be persuasive in short segment communication by gaining an understanding of how to apply the five essential elements of persuasion to various business settings. For example, you see your key customer or key stakeholder in the hallway and you have his or her attention for two minutes. What do you say? What is your communication strategy? Since most of today’s interaction is in short time frames, not long presentation format, we will be practicing the art and science of short, persuasive messages.

Through hands-on experiences, participants will determine the best way to create their message. In addition, they will learn the tips and tricks used by professional communicators to effectively influence the audience. The session will not only provide an opportunity to learn the key principles of successful persuasion but will allow participants to receive guided feedback and critique on their message strategy.

Acorn Communication Strategy™ Objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Apply persuasive communication elements to everyday sales situations to make messages more effective and efficient
  • Know how to exercise influence with internal as well as external customers
  • Practice the use of persuasion techniques to prepare for an upcoming sales call or meeting
  • Deliver messages based on persuasion theory, using both basic and advanced techniques of persuasive structure, storytelling, and effective data transfer.

Course Details

  • Classes meet twice in one week for 60 minutes each
  • Maximum class size: 10 participants