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Getting a Squirrel to Focus Book

Getting a Squirrel to Focus

What can achieve a 23,900% increase in the attention span of a squirrel? An acorn! As listeners, our attention spans are more like a squirrel’s than you might think. In this book Dr. Patricia Scott will explain how these message ingredients make your message an acorn for your listeners.

A – Audience
C – Credibility
O – Order
R – Remember me
N – Need to connect

Following this easy to use recipe, you can apply this time-tested persuasive strategy to any presentation, sales call, conversation, interview or negotiation.

Who are the squirrels in your life? Can you get your squirrel to focus?

Getting a Squirrel to Focus on Presentations Book

Getting a Squirrel to Focus on Presentations

Are you tired of getting that glazed over look from your audience? Do they seem easily distracted and not really engaged? This book provides a simple framework and toolbox to apply to any presentation. Often, you don’t get as much time to prepare a presentation as you would like.

The WALNUT Presentation Strategy™ provides a handy shortcut to guide you to the most important elements of a successful presentation.

W – What’s in it for me?
A – Align your perspective
L – Limit your scope
N – Navigate
U – Unleash your creativity
T – Take action

Getting a Squirrel to focus in the Virtual World

Getting a Squirrel to Focus in the Virtual World

If the quality of your virtual interactions are not quite where you want them to be, perhaps that is because we need virtual engagement tactics and strategy.  Just because virtual communication is the new norm doesn’t mean we have evolved.

Our listeners are still like squirrels! As you probably have noticed, squirrels have relatively short attention spans and behave in a jumpy, sporadic and distracted manner.  But when that squirrel eats a nut, he sits still, he’s focused and his attention span increases by 23,900%

The ALMOND Virtual Communication Strategy™ is a bucket of tools based on the study of neuroscience and communication to make the virtual interaction more valuable, enhance our ability to deliver our messages more clearly and more effectively, and make it easier for the audience to remain engaged.

A – Audience
L – Length
M – Mirror
O – Organize
N – Need to Engage
D – Do’s and Dont’s