The ACORN Communication Strategy™

Persuasive communication for today’s leaders

Persuasive communication is an essential tool for today’s leaders.  Participants in this course will learn how to be persuasive in short segment communication by gaining an understanding of how to apply the five essential elements of persuasion to various business settings.

Since most of today’s interaction is in short time frames, not long presentation format, we will be practicing the art and science of short, persuasive messages.  If you cannot get your message across clearly and concisely, it is difficult to lead others and impact decision-making.

Hands-On Experiences, Tips and Tricks

Through hands-on experiences, participants will determine the best way to create their message. In addition, they will learn the tips and tricks used by professional communicators to effectively influence the audience. The session will not only provide an opportunity to learn the key principles of successful persuasion, but will allow participants to receive guided feedback and critique on their message strategy.

Tools for success

To help reinforce their learning, participants will receive a copy of the national best-selling book “Getting a Squirrel to Focus: Engage and Persuade Today’s Listeners.” During the course they will use the “ACORN Communication Strategy™” worksheet to guide them through creation of a successful persuasive message. After the course, they will receive a laminated wallet card to keep the key persuasive elements fresh in their memories when they are ready to construct their next persuasive message.

Engaging Short Attention Span Audiences

Online Course Now Available

ACORN Course registration screenTo enable learners to gain deeper knowledge and more practical experience, an online version of the course is offered. The course is available on-demand, so students can learn at their own pace, on their own time and on any device. The course outlines the ACORN Communication Strategy™ in a 40 minute format. This course consists of 37 short “lectures” with video and quizzes. Once the student downloads the course, it is theirs to be used as a reference. No license, no renewal, no up-charge. The course is housed on the Udemy platform.

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