Presentation Skills

Determine and improve your natural presentation style

Presentation SkillsThis workshop is designed to give you not only the knowledge to determine and improve your natural presentation style, but the opportunity for guided practice as well. Through the application of time-honored, academically sound theories of communication you will be able to identify elements of your presentation style that may hinder your message and learn skills to enhance your presentations.

Video-recorded practice and feedback

Through hands-on experience, (video-recorded practice and feedback) you will determine the best way to engage your audience, create your message, discover the power of the 3 V’s and learn the tips and tricks used by professional communicators to effectively deliver your message.

Examples from popular media

The workshop will also use a variety of video examples from popular movies, talks shows, and interviews so that you can see how the principles of good public speaking can make (or break) how the audience hears your message.