Almond Virtual Communication Strategy™

Getting a squirrel to focus in the virtual world: It’s not just about content, it’s about connection

AlmondJust because virtual communication is the new norm, it doesn’t mean we have evolved.

In light of the pandemic, businesses have had to suddenly change to become even more virtually connected. We are quickly having to master the tactics of virtual communication, but for some, the strategy of engaging our audiences has gone by the wayside. Even though we are doing better, we still would not rate the meeting as good or successful. Getting the attention of today’s short attention span audience (that behave like squirrels) is important but now more than ever what we crave is connection. We have to continue to be allowed to be human even when we are mediated by our communication channel.

Now more than ever, we need a plan to help us think through the strategy of how virtual engagement can get better. This workshop presents a toolbox based on what we have learned from the study of neuroscience and communication to make the virtual interaction have more value and enhance our ability to deliver our messages more clearly and more effectively.

Almond Virtual Communication Strategy™ Objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the strategy behind successful virtual engagements
  • Have the ability to use tools for better engagement based on the study of communication and neuroscience
  • Be better able to understand the unique needs of today’s audience and be better able to adapt their messages for increased connection
  • Be better equipped to gain consensus on actions needed going forward after the meeting

Course Details

  • Classes meet twice in one week for 60 minutes each
  • Maximum class size: 10 participants